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Keeping You Cool Under Pressure

When your business has a refrigeration problem it can cause thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to your business. We have trained industrial & commercial refrigeration technicians that can get you back up and running right away. Put us to work for you. We stay cool under pressure.

Petro-Chem Refrigeration Inc. services, engineers and distributes parts and refrigerants for industrial, commercial and light commercial refrigeration equipment. We provide our great service to the food storage industry, universities, the government, pharmaceutical industry, petro-chemical industry, and many more.


Wehave been providing exceptional service throughout the refrigerationindustry since 1990. Whether you are repairing existing equipment,need to install new equipment or just need parts for your currentsystem, we are here to help.

Qualityand long-term customer relationships have propelled us to be theleader in installation, start-up, inspection, repair and maintenanceof refrigeration equipment.

Trained and Certified Technicians

Ourskilled refrigeration technicians have been trained and certified inservicing all types of commercial and industrial refrigerationequipment and systems. All of our service technicians participate inthe (NASAP) North American Substance Abuse Program and have beenbackground tested.

Replacement Parts to Fit your Needs

Weare a leading distributor for refrigeration replacement parts andrefrigerants. We offer a full line of parts from Vilter, Frick,Howden, Grasso, Parker and many more. Due to our large selection ofparts and access to so many manufacturers we can provide parts foralmost every system. Check out the complete list of manufacturers wework with and you will find that we meet your need to get your systemup and running.

Authorized Distribution For:Vilter  Dealer For:FrickParkerHowdenGea Grasso