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San Juan of Puerto Rico

March 27 & 28, 2020


Paella Fest is an international festival designed to promote, educate and raise awareness about the famous international dish of Valencian paella and spread its advantages along with other typical Spanish culinary customs and identities. Like tapas, ham, sangria and many others.

Our goal is to encourage associations, groups of friends, restaurants and chefs, to participate locally and facilitate the dissemination of our renowned gastronomic traditions of millenary origin.

If you or your association want to be part of this project or if you are a possible sponsor, vendor, contestant or participant, we encourage you to get to know our project better by visiting this website.



Paella Contest

All attendees to Paellafest may taste the paella contest, prepared the day of the event by our Chefs contestants.

The Chefs winners in the semi-finals, will go invited to the 60 edition of the Final in Sueca, Valencia, Spain from 10 to 13 March 2020, with all expenses paid for two people.

The winners of Previous Contests will come to the city where we are celebrating the semifinal, with expenses paid also for two people.

Master Class

The selected contestants will have the opportunity to attend a master class of Valencian paella taught by our jury.

Beer & Wine

The best selection of wines and beers in the region, not forgetting the famous sangria resulting from the combination of other typical drinks.

Music & Dance

We will have the participation of different traditional musical and dance groups in Spain, such as flamenco and the Tuna universitaria.

Spanish Food

In Paellafest you will find the best of Spanish cuisine, paella, tapas, Spanish ham omelet and much more. Taste the best traditional Spanish food prepared by local chefs and


Business Tents

Sponsors and businesses, both local and global, will have the opportunity to offer their products and / or services to our attendees.

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